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Are you paying too much tax?
Eliminate tax with secure offshore banking, safe offshore accounts, offshore company incorporation, asset protection and offshore stock trading and investments in the tax-haven of Belize.
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Private Banking in Belize
Belize is recognized Worldwide as one of the best tax havens for offshore accounts, safe offshore banking, offshore brokerage, IBC company formations and secure offshore Trusts. This gives you maximum privacy, international banking, asset protection, wealth building and tax-free investment in a financially solid and trustworthy country with Laws designed so nobody can touch your assets or find out who owns them.

You want your money and investments to be safe with your identity fully protected. Let us show you how by providing free offshore advice with financial services tailored to maximize your profits and minimize your liabilities and tax.
Join thousands of clients we have helped over the years take their private banking to a safe tax haven. 

Receive free offshore bank information, documents and advice plus banking details designed to let you go about your business in private with secure Belize banks and three other top rated banks we use in other tax-havens of the Caribbean to give you total asset protection.  

To shield yourself, the bank accounts should be setup in the name of an International Business Company [an IBC] which  gives you absolute secrecy and protection. There are no annual company returns to furnish and directors and shareholders remain anonymous. We offer a one-day offshore company incorporation service from our law firm in Belize with your IBC documents couriered right to your doorstep anywhere in the World. 

Here is the good bit: Included, will be your free banking and brokerage details with a choice of offshore banks and brokers for tax-free bank accounts and internet trading, giving you fast computer access from anywhere in the world. You will also receive free information on high-return offshore investments as part of your package.

If you prefer, the IBC's bank account can be in a different jurisdiction so you are given a choice of four secure banks we use in Belize and the  Caribbean, including details of three large offshore brokers for international stock trading, options, Forex, Futures and Mutual Fund investments with all profits being free of taxation.

We value your privacy and appreciate your business. Service is always provided to you on a personal basis while maintaining maximum confidentiality at all times.

Trust the firm that has been incorporating offshore companies and offering solid asset protection and banking advice for over 20 years. Get it right first time with the friendly experienced team at Offshore Services Inc.  All emails  are answered promptly.
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Advantages of Belize as a tax haven

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Protect family assets with a Belize Trust formation

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Your tax-haven in Belize
Belize is the preferred haven for secrecy, security and asset protection. You save money, maximize your profits and minimize your liabilities with safe banking, investments and tax elimination in a financially and politically stable country. No other jurisdiction has proven that it will back up its privacy laws as strongly as Belize.
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International Business   Companies (IBCs)
Now is the time to minimize taxation and protect your hard-earned assets and identity. Set up a company in a top tax haven at minimal cost and avoid mainland taxation with no annual reporting and no annual accounting. Company officers are anonymous with no public listing of shareholders or directors in Belize. Bearer shares are allowed in Belize and only one director is required with your new company incorporation. The director can be you or a nominee.

A Belize IBC is exempt from all forms of taxation and assets are fully protected from confiscation orders or similar actions by foreign governments.

You can relax as we take care of all the details and incorporate a new Belize offshore company for you in just one day.

Good reasons to incorporate an IBC

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Secure Offshore Banks
Only the best and most secure tax-haven banks are referred to  our clients for their private banking.
Not all Offshore Banks are as good as the ones we use. All the hard work has been done for you over the years in seeking out the best and most secure ones. Have access to tax-free internet banking, debit and credit cards, online wire transfers and high-return investments in the best Belize banks and three other large online banks we use in the Caribbean.

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Tax-free Stock Trading
Receive free stock brokerage, forex trading, futures and investment details for your IBC so you can trade online using ultra-fast trading platforms on all the World's major stock exchanges and keep all your profits tax-free. Zero commissions with one of our brokers. You will also receive free information on high-return tax-free investing.

Trade online for tax-free profits
Belize Trusts for family assets
More suited for protecting family assets and estate planning, the use of an offshore Trust is an effective means of minimizing taxes, protecting assets and  passing wealth along to heirs in private, without devastating tax bills. We offer Trust formation as well as providing Trustee services for you.

Protecting your assets with an offshore Trust

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