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The number one reason for an Offshore presence is its tax-haven status and as a secure place to transfer assets, safe from creditors and your Tax Dept. For your own protection, offshore banking accounts must operate in conjunction with an offshore company (an IBC),  so an IBC has to be incorporated, then the bank account opened in the name of the IBC. This way, you don't leave yourself open to discovery or liability. There is no obligation to conduct any business through the IBC or to furnish any annual accounts. You just use it to shield your name and to protect your assets as nobody can find out who owns the IBC.  

We represent only the most secure and safest offshore banks which have served us and our clients well for many years.  They are low risk, conservative and long established. By Law, Offshore financial institutions have to hold far greater reserves then mainland banks and they are audited regularly by the Reserve Banks in each jurisdiction.  Note that it is quite acceptable to have your offshore company in one country and the offshore account in another jurisdiction so for that reason we give you banking choices.

Tax-free offshore bank accounts are opened in the name of your IBC and are operated in much the same manner as mainland or onshore bank accounts. You can have payments direct credited or shift funds in and out via online wire transfers. You can also access account balances and statements online and transfer funds between accounts.

The banks issue debit and credit cards in the name of the IBC to give you anonymity and total protection with withdrawals from anywhere in the World at ATM machines or over the counter.  

Brokerage accounts are also available with several top offshore brokers we use, so you can trade stocks, bonds, options, currencies, CFDs and Futures, on the World's major exchanges, tax-free.  Click here for more information.

Opening the IBC's account:

Once your IBC has been Incorporated, we give you a selection of the offshore banks we use, with account opening documents you can download to sign and return to the bank. You get to personally select your own PIN numbers and passwords to activate the accounts. 

All our offshore banks have online account access, online wire transfers, debit and credit cards, various term investment and savings accounts with high rates of interest and offer CDs and offshore Mutual Funds with exceptional tax-free returns. Once you receive the information from us on the banks we use, you will be able to make an informed comparison and judgment as each bank offers different services. 

You are also introduced to offshore Managed Forex Funds with returns of over 48% annually and free of tax.

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You can trust the firm that has been incorporating offshore companies and offering solid asset protection and safe offshore banking advice for over 20 years.

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