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Offshore Incorporation - Belize

Offshore Services Inc.
Offices in Belize, Dominica, Barbados, Nassau. 

This form is for us to establish an Offshore Company (IBC) for you with the Registrar in Belize. This includes the Government Incorporation fees, Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates, Articles and Memorandum, Certificate of Good Standing,  provision of registered office and local agent for your IBC and document courier to your doorstep.  All this only takes 2-3 days. Corporate bank account, investment and brokerage details are sent to you separately.

Please type in your details, print out this whole page (three printed pages) and  fax to us at the number below. 

Email:  for wire transfer details.

Total cost including courier delivery is US$1190.00. 

New client information. Note: Directors of IBCs remain anonymous; names of shareholders are not for public disclosure, are kept at the company's registered office and will not be divulged to any authority.


Mailing address: (NO P.O. Boxes as the courier requires a physical address for your document delivery)





List 3 potential names for your International Business Company in preferential order. IBC names must end with Ltd., Corp., Inc., Limited, Corporation or Incorporated. (DO NOT include words such as financial, bank, trust, fund, sovereign, royal or any numbers in the name:




Name of  Director (There only needs to be one director who may also be the sole shareholder. Directors' names remain secret as there are no public filing requirements.)


Or Nominee Director(add $250): Nominee Director :  Yes      No 

Shareholder options: You may have Named shareholder certificates or Bearer (non named) certificates. Whether you decide on "bearer" shares or to have your own name on the IBC's share certificate, there is no likelihood of shareholder discovery, due to confidentiality provisions.  Only ourselves know who the beneficial owner of the IBC really is and because of the tight secrecy Laws, no one else can ever find out this detail.

Option 1. Bearer shares: Yes/No 

Option 2. Named shares : Full individual names and number of shares (Share capital is normally 50,000 x $1 shares)

1 Name       No. of shares 

1 Address  

1 Address  

2 Name       No. of shares 

2 Address  

2 Address  

Business activity of the company

Payment: Please email for wire instructions.

IBC cost including document delivery:                              $US 1190 

Nominee Director option:  ($250)                                                     

Additional shareholders ($10 each, after first one)                            

                                                                                 TOTAL:  $US 


 Signature (print page first) -----------------------------------------------------------


Date -------------------------------

Type name here: 

Scan and email this completed form (all pages) to us.  Please email a scanned copy of your passport OR photo drivers license, including  your signature on it.  This is for our internal record.


Offshore Services Inc

Offices in Dominica, Belize, Barbados and The Bahamas.  

*Email for wire transfer instructions