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A Belize Offshore Trust
The use of an offshore Trust for asset protection and estate planning dates back several centuries. Trusts have become a seriously effective means of minimizing taxes, protecting assets and  passing wealth along to heirs in private and without devastating tax consequences.
The very wealthy have used the trust approach for many years. With recent development in the offshore world where more jurisdictions have adopted effective laws, the trust has become an instrument available to people of lesser means. For nominal costs, minimal formalities and on short notice, a Trust can quickly come into being. We invite you to consider the trust a part of your personal and corporate financial planning, either alone or in conjunction with a IBC (International Business Company) where the Trust is the shareholder of the IBC. This makes the beneficial owner of the company virtually bulletproof.
Some Information About A Trust
In general, a Trust involves: 
  • A Settlor or Grantor: The person, company or other entity placing property into a trust.
  • A Trustee: The individual, company, another trust or their entity who receives the property to be managed for the benefit of those individuals, companies, trusts, or other entities named as Beneficiaries.
  • The Beneficiary or Beneficiaries: The individual/s, company or companies, trust/s or other entities named to benefit from the trust property.
  • The Trust Document, The Deed or Declaration of Trust is the written instrument which details the duties of the Trustee, names the Beneficiaries and lists the property in the Trust Corpus or body of assets.
                                                                    For Asset Protection

In litigious countries such as the United States, it has become common practice for individuals to seek offshore trusts for protection against:
  • Malpractice claims, in the case of Medical Doctors and other professionals,
  • Product liability
  • Creditors, either Business or Personal
  • Court Judgments
  • Problematic divorces
  Speed Where Speed Is Important

A trust can be established in a few hours, literally. While it might take longer to have property transferred into a trust, time can be a factor as to the dating of the Deed. Generally, a Trust Deed is not registered with any tax jurisdiction. There is no requirement for accounting reports to any agency.

The Advantages of an Offshore Trust
  • Tax savings, avoidance and deferral: You can save, avoid and defer many taxes in many ways. You don't owe tax until you "repatriate" your assets, whether they be cash or the very house you're sitting in now. Any asset can be designated Trust Property. And if the Trust is in another jurisdiction, chances are those assets can earn interest, or accrue whatever pertinent value without being subject to domestic taxes such as capital gains taxation.
  • Safety: Keeping assets offshore provides a financial reserve should disaster strike at home, or in your domestic financial life.
  • Protection Against Judgment: In a lawsuit-happy world it's nice to have reserves that can't be "seized", "liened" or "attached" with the stroke of the Court's pen or the phone call of a tax authority.
  • Confidentiality: A private contract, a legal agreement, and the business of no one but yours, the trustee's and whomever else you think needs to know. The offshore Trustee is required to say nothing to external inquisitors.
  • Ease of Transfer of Interest to Heirs or Others: Wills, living trusts, and domestic trusts invariably pay taxes - especially when assets are transferred.
  • Earnings and a Faster Accumulation of Wealth: Trusts can own companies, have bank accounts, own portfolios, hold trading accounts and not pay taxes.
Creation of a Trust

It is important to be selective with the jurisdiction in which your offshore Trust is based and Belize has some of the best legislation governing Trusts. A Belize Trust, does not require a Social Security number and has no reporting requirement whatsoever. You can keep your financial affairs in complete confidentiality and your property safe from claims, judgments, or bankruptcy proceedings. U.S. taxes or taxes from any other country cannot be imposed upon earnings or assets of non-domestic, irrevocable discretionary Belize trusts.

The Trust is one of the most flexible financial instruments and entities to ever come about. We offer the establishment and management of these offshore trusts under the jurisdiction of Belize.

We provide service on a personal basis while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

Total cost to establish an Offshore Trust in Belize is US$ I,290 including a selection of offshore banks we use.

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